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Can you read the text? November 30, 2008

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Stare at the centre dot and the colours eventually disappear. Spooky!



Is This a Level Balance?



Hidden Bear



Disappearing Dots November 16, 2008

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Hold your head steady and fix your eyes on the dot in the center of the picture. The colored dots will seem to disappear in a few seconds. The effect is due to retinal fatigue which occurs when the afterimage of an object cancels the stimulus of the object on the retina. The effect is most pronounced when the objects do not have well-defined edges that are detectable by small eye movements.

Retinal Fatigue


See the face of a soldier and a man that is bending over on the below eye illusion.

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Light Bulb Illusion

Stair closely at this light bulb for 20 – 25 seconds. Then immediately stare at a white area on the screen or at a sheet of paper. You should see a glowing light bulb!