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What do you See? October 30, 2008

Take a very close look at this image!

What do you see?


Move your head backward and then forward! October 16, 2008


Blind Spots



Look at the chart above and say the COLOR of the word,
not the word itself.

Why is it so difficult? Because the right half of your brain
is trying to say the color, while the left side of your brain
is trying to say the word.


Cyan Aura

Stare intently at the red dots for one minute. A cyan aura will develop. Now either use the crosseyed or parallel technique and you will see a stereogram in which alternate dots seem to be raised off the screen. Do you still see the cyan glow?



Can you believe this?! Look at the circles… They’re moving!
But when you focus on one particular circle, it stops moving! Cool…