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Boomer Mind Games October 16, 2008

Welcome to Boomer Mind Games. If not all you have known Boomer Yearbook yet, let me just briefly introduce who we are. Boomer Yearbook.com was started by a dear friend, Dr. Karen Turner. We aim to provide a place specifically designed for baby boomers and echo boomers where they can share their interests, opinion and thoughts whether it’s about life, love, career or hardships. Boomers have indeed, much experiences compared to other age range. They went through downfalls and still survived. I, as an echo boomer, I want to learn from all you boomers out there. I want to hear your advice when I’m  crying out lout because of of my parents misunderstandings. I want to learn from your experiences, on how you made it through this life. Boomer Yearbook isn’t just a social network for boomers, it is HOME…

You can find many groups that share your interests like music, games, cooking, fashion, economy and so many more! You can listen to your favorite rock n roll star like Elvis Presley ot The Beatles; read the lyrics while jamming along… You can review different types of recipes for cakes, cookies, pasta, etc. You can even see amazing photographs of your favorite Boomer star! It’s all here at BYB!

Enjoy the mind twisting games, optical illusions and 3D stereograms! Learn from the “trivia – did you know..?” section and brag your boomer friends about what you’ve discovered. We can also give you access to the BOOMER-MEMBERS ONLY articles that will surely blow you away!

Here’s how you can get access to out


· Join www.boomeryearbook.com!

· Invite Sigrid Vargas as your friend. State your interest to be a part of the group.

· We will then send you a password that you will use to access our restricted blogs.

Not only you will enjoy the fun and exciting Boomer mind games but you may also explore boomer yearbook for other groups of your interest: Music, Cooking, Sports, Fashion, Celebrity Gossips and many more!

What are you waiting for? It won’t take you 5 minutes to sign up, complete your profile and change your photo! I’ll be waiting there…


13 Responses to “Boomer Mind Games”

  1. Faith Marie Says:

    nice.. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Ruth Tuazon Says:

    i want to join this 😉 see you around 🙂

  3. Joanne Feliciano Says:

    please count me in! thanks!

  4. ravi Says:


    This is absolute stunner.I love this game and I would like to know about all the games. Please invite me.


  5. Selphie Says:

    Me too me too.! Count me in too.. 🙂

  6. debra Says:

    Would like to join send me the invite

  7. Judy Says:

    I am interested in cooking

  8. Judy Says:

    let’s get started

  9. mow Says:

    hi there,

  10. Jan Says:

    I like cooking , golfing and all kinds of activities. I just don’t know many people.

  11. Erin (Imagoofygirl) Says:

    I would like to join. Hopefully it can help my memory a little lol

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